Lisa Freeman Signs Honey Girl

51+1rB2iJ8LOn Saturday, April 25, from 3-5pm Chevalier’s will be hosting an event for the terrific new YA novel Honey Girl by Lisa Freeman.

How to survive California’s hottest surf spot: Never go anywhere without a bathing suit. Never cut your hair. Never let them see you panic.

The year is 1972. Fifteen-year-old Haunani “Nani” Grace Nuuhiwa is transplanted from her home in Hawaii to Santa Monica, California after her father’s fatal heart attack. Now the proverbial fish-out-of-water, Nani struggles to adjust to her new life with her alcoholic white (haole) mother and the lineup of mean girls who rule State Beach.

“Where was this book when I was fifteen? Honey Girl is a daring debut. A fierce story of female friendship, earned acceptance, and following the unwritten rules of Southern California beach boy and girl culture in the’70s.” —Jamie Lee Curtis

Lisa Freeman is a Los Angeles based writer who is a published illustrator as well as a spoken word artist. In order to expand more creative curriculums and education in the Unified School District of Los Angeles she established Love2Learn. L2L’s mission is to create supreme readers and introduce alternative writing techniques to children and adults. Honey Girl is her first novel.