A Reading and Signing with Bob Morris

Morris_BobbyWonderfulHCJoin us next Saturday, June 13th at 5pm for a reading and signing with Bob Morris of his latest book Bobby Wonderful.

Bob Morris, admittedly, wasn’t always a perfect son. But when his parents approached the end of their lives—his mother, violently and reluctantly, his father, almost thankfully—he found himself wondering what his role should be in helping them achieve “good deaths.” It’s a problem that will eventually be faced by many of the 79 million Baby Boomers alive today: How does an adult child figure out how to do his best for his ailing parents while still balancing their care with his own life? And when their final days on earth do come, how can he give them the best possible end?

In the tradition of bestselling memoirs by Christopher Buckley and Joan Didion (with a dash of David Sedaris), BOBBY WONDERFUL: An Imperfect Son Buries His Parents recounts two deaths and one family’s struggle to find the silver lining. As accessible as he is insightful, Morris infuses each moment of his profound emotional journey with dark comedy, spiritual inquiry and brutally honest self-examination. Clear-eyed, engaging, and astoundingly funny, BOBBY WONDERFUL is one imperfect son’s story detailing an experience many of us will eventually share: how he gave parents the deaths they deserved—even if he didn’t always live his life in the way they wanted. This is a little book, but it captures a big and universal experience.

MorrisBOBBYWONDERFULBobAbout the Author Bob Morris is the author of Assisted Loving and Crispin the Terrible, and is a frequent contributor to the New York Times. He has also been a commentator on NPR’s All Things Considered and has written for the New York Times Magazine, The New Yorker, Southampton Review, Elle, and other publications.  

More Wonderful Praise for Bob Morris Praise for BOBBY WONDERFUL:

“Readers will need a hankie or two throughout this book—the family members are honestly, memorably portrayed, and they are remarkable. A poignant, charming reflection on the next step in life.” —Booklist

“With humor and unflinching honesty, Bob Morris confronts the deterioration and death of his parents.
His anger, impatience, tenderness, and love light each page. He is right about so much, including how wrong we get it. This is our common experience. We fumble and stumble to express our love (without going mad), doing the best we can.” —Maira Kalman, author of The Principles of Uncertainty and And the Pursuit of Happiness


“Thanks you, Bob Morris, for your heartfelt contribution to the canon of father-son memoir.”

Los Angeles Times

“A breezy, sweet, funny goodhearted story.”

New York Times

“A funny take of father and son, filled with more than a few laughs.”

USA Today

“Mercilessly funny.”

Vanity Fair