Lucy Dahl (Daughter of Roald) Reads from Matilda and Answers Questions

All were smiling as the magnanimous Lucy Dahl read from her father’s legendary book this past Sunday. Children and adults continue to be mesmerized by the story of the magical child prodigy Matilda and it was a truly tender experience to hear the words read by someone intimately connected with the story. After her reading, Lucy took questions and told stories about her childhood. Particularly amusing was her anecdote of her father snaking a bamboo pole through her window at night and blowing dreams at his daughters in their beds, claiming he was the Big Friendly Giant. To Lucy, Roald Dahl was an imaginative and loving father (who admittedly didn’t always dress up or drive the fanciest car in town) but to us he remains an enigmatic genius. It was wonderful to get some very personal insight into such a great mind.