Erika Krouse Reads and Signs “Contenders” on Wednesday July 29th at 7:00 PM


Erika Krouse is a fiction writer living in Boulder, Colorado. Her short fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in The New Yorker, The Atlantic, One Story, Ploughshares, Shenandoah, Glimmer Train,, Crazyhorse, and Story. She has also published poetry and essays in magazines and anthologies, and reviewed for the New York Times Book Review.

Erika’s collection of short stories, Come Up and See Me Sometime (Scribner), won the Paterson Fiction Award, was chosen as a New York Times Notable Book of the year, and has been translated into six languages. Erika’s new novel, Contenders, is published by Rare Bird Books.

“Reading Contenders is like watching a fire. You see the flames, but it is the glowing embers that fascinate. The dialogue, the descriptions of action, everything crackles and pops in this novel. This is a beautiful, physical piece of work.”
—Percival Everett, author of I Am Not Sidney Poitier

“In Contenders Erika Krouse has written a novel as hard paced and surprising as her heroine, the inimitable Nina Black who can beat almost any man in an unfair fight. But Contenders isn’t only about street fighting. It’s also about the spiritual life and the life of the affections, within and beyond family. Can Nina come back from the edge of darkness? I couldn’t stop turning these brilliant pages to find the answer.”
—Margot Livesey, author of The Flight of Gemma Hardy