Michael Hiltzik Discusses His New Book, Big Science

BIG SCIENCE - Jacket ImageChevalier’s is excited to host Pulitzer Prize winning-journalist Michael Hiltzik on Thursday, August 20th, at 7pm, to give a talk, answer questions  and sign his new book, Big Science: Ernest Lawrence and the Invention that Launched the Military-Industrial Complex.  Since the 1930s the  scale of scientific endeavors has grown exponentially. Scientists have invented nuclear weapons, put a man on the moon, and examined nature at the subatomic scale – all through Big Science. Hiltzik’s book Big Science sheds new light on the story of how one man, Ernest O. Lawrence, and one invention, the cyclotron, forever changed the course of scientific research.  More than any other American scientist, Ernest O. Lawrence made the world we live in. He was one of the first people to recognize that the government and military were going to be important patrons of scientific research and development. Hiltzik mined personal records and research archives for this dramatic re-creation of the life and times of Ernest O. Lawrence, one of the most important scientists of the modern age.

“Michael Hiltzik tells an epic story, one with some tragedy as well as triumph, and he tells it well.”
– Richard Rhodes, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and author of The Making of the Atomic Bomb

Michael Hiltzik is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist aHiltzik author photo (credit Amy Myers)nd author who has covered business, technology, and public policy for the Los Angeles Times for more than twenty years.  He currently serves as the Times’s business columnist.  His previous books include Colossus: The Turbulent, Thrilling Saga of the Building of Hoover Dam and The New Deal: A Modern History.  In addition to the Pulitzer Prize, Hiltzik’s other awards include the 2004 Gerald Loeb Award for outstanding business commentary and the Silver Gavel from the American Bar Association for outstanding legal reporting. We’re so pleased to host Michael Hiltzik at Chevalier’s. If you’re a fan of history, a fan of science or a fan of the history of science, you won’t want to miss this very special event!