Joe Domanick & Richard Drooyan Discuss Blue and the LAPD

BLUE coverChevalier’s is excited to welcome author Joe Domanick in conversation with Richard Drooyan, former President of the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners. They will be discussing Domanick’s new book Blue: The LAPD and the Battle to Redeem American Policing, on Thursday, September 3rd, at 7:00pm. There will be a Q&A following their talk.

American policing is in crisis. Issues surrounding controversial police actions continue to play out on a national scale and the topic is especially salient with the one-year anniversaries of the deaths of Eric Garner in New York City and Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. With Blue, award-winning investigative journalist Joe Domanick explores what police departments today can learn from methods of police reform in the past.

As a longtime critic of the LAPD and an investigative reporter covering the criminal justice system, Domanick has seen over two decades of changes in law enforcement. Vividly drawn and character-driven, Blue is simultaneously a drama of cops, crime and politics, and a primer on American police policy and reform.

photo by Andrea Domanick

photo by Andrea Domanick

Joe Domanick is an award-winning investigative journalist and author and an associate director of John Jay College’s Center on Media, Crime, and Justice, City University of New York. He lives in Los Angeles.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 6.36.42 PMRichard Drooyan previously served for over 14 years in the United States Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles, where he held numerous leadership positions, including Chief Assistant United States Attorney and Chief of the Criminal Division. He is currently the Special Implementation Monitor for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors overseeing reforms in the county jails.

“In a time when controversial police actions have virtually split America apart, it’s impossible to imagine a more important book than Joe Domanick’s Blue. His mesmerizing account…is a lesson that must be learned by all of us, law enforcement officials and community activists most of all.”  – Jeff Guinn, author of Manson

You won’t want to miss this memorable and provocative event!