Scoop Up Your Signed Copies of A Wild Swan and The Snow Queen

Michael CunninghamPulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Cunningham popped by Chevalier’s this afternoon to sign copies of his most recent works, The Snow Queen and A Wild Swan.

Enthusiasm for A Wild Swan, as expressed by our very own Riley Smith:
A collection of short stories is guaranteed to thrill any fan of Grimm. These are some of the most brilliantly twisted re-tellings of classic fairy tales in recent memory. With some tales humanizing classic villains—the lonely old woman who decides to build a candy house in the woods, or the little man who always wanted a child and can turn straw into gold—and other stories villainize classic heroes, like the young boy named Jack who will take whatever he wants, or a Prince Charming who wants to put his princess to sleep so he can kiss her again. These tales will send goosebumps down your arms, while offering fairy tale-style insight on our modern lives.