Thank You!!!

As we ring in a new year, we at Chevalier’s would like to thank you, our loyal customers, friends and book lovers, for making 2015 a transformative year at the bookstore.

20130919_lovebooksTo give you a better idea of what your support has meant to us, because of you we sold over 40,700 books and hosted over 100 events which featured nearly 200 fiction and non-fiction writers, poets, journalists, screen writers, historians, Sherlockians, elected officials, singers, dancers, actors, artists, physicians, athletes, educators (the list goes on…). Fantastic!

And, for anyone counting, we are proud to share that this year, what started as a communitarian endeavor to revamp our neighborhood bookstore has turned out that, thanks to all of you, we broke even in our first full year of business! Amazing!

And most importantly, you have put our stake in the ground of what Darryl calls the “intellectual infrastructure“ of Los Angeles. Publishers and writers now return calls from Chevalier’s and schedule events at the store because they know that our community of intellectually curious customers and friends are worth their time.

For all of this, we are grateful to you.

We also have to thank those of you who regularly offered a dose of reality. We are, no doubt, a group of idealists with a shared fantasy of what an independent bookstore could — and should — be. But to those of you who challenged our dream by offering bon mots such as: “Have you heard about “e-Books? They came out 10 years ago” and “I’m a bankruptcy lawyer, keep my card handy” and our personal favorite, “I used to shop lift here so the least that I can do is buy a book”, we are always glad to have your alternative viewpoints. That’s what being an independent bookstore is all about.

It has been our privilege to serve you this year and we look forward to an even better year ahead. We all wish you a happy, peaceful new year filled with the joy of being part of a community with a passion for books, new ideas and sharing both in our bookstore. ¡Viva Chevalier’s!

Darryl, Bert, Erica, Liz, Riley, Tommy, Camille, Julia, Martha, Allie and Filis.