ATTN Dog Lovers: Douglas Green Discusses The Teachings of Shirelle

Please join us Thursday, February 25th at 7pm for an evening with author and psychotherapist Douglas Green. Green will be discussing his recent book The Teachings of Shirelle, a moving memoir that celebrates the connection between dog and human. Screenwriter Dennis Palumbo has called it “a warm, engaging, deceptively simple tribute to the innate wisdom of [a man’s] beloved dog. May we all learn from such loveable teachers.”

54221879-8f78-4d1b-831f-3429f3668e40“Relish the day. If you’re not in awe, you’re just not paying attention.”

She hadn’t even been in the crowded pound a week, but she’d already developed a nickname, “Knucklehead.” As a puppy she destroyed property and precious clothes; as an adult she injured her owner, ruined romances… and changed the world-views of those around her.

Have you ever watched an animal and wondered how it thinks, how it sees the world, how it views you? And have you ever wondered what wisdom you might learn if you could see things as that animal does?

This unique book is many things: an amusing and moving memoir about a memorable dog, a poetic ode to a human-animal connection, and a serious philosophical, psychological, and spiritual inquiry into the lessons a man gleaned from the simple-minded brilliance of a teacher, a lover, a liver of life to the fullest… a Knucklehead.

There has never before been a book like The Teachings of Shirelle. Take a walk with this pooch, and you might never look at life, love, or yourself the same again.

c8dfb8ae-5ed0-43d1-93f4-8265c6e00affDouglas Green is a psychotherapist, writer, professor, and director, living in Los Angeles.  He created and runs, a website offering advice to kids, teens, parents, and adults, based on the teachings in this book.

Anyone with a beloved pet knows that there’s a lot to be learned from our animal companions. Stop by to pick up your copy of The Teachings of Shirelle Thursday, February 25th at 7pm, and also have your copy signed by author Douglas Green.