I Heart Obama Author Erin Aubry Kaplan

Writer and journalist Erin Aubry Kaplan is known for injecting the personal into her features, commentary, criticism and essays. In her most recent book, I Heart Obama, Kaplan uses her personal admiration for our 44th President and modern-day folk hero as a lens for appreciating how President Obama has strived to vanquish entrenched racism. Please join us for a talk and a signing with Erin Aubry Kaplan on Wednesday, April 20th at 7 p.m.

Obama.jpgI Heart Obama offers an unapologetic appreciation of our highest-ranking “First”, Barak Obama, and examines what he means to black Americans. In the process, Erin Aubry Kaplan explores the critiques of those in the black community who charge that he has not done enough, been present enough, been black enough to motivate real change in America. Racial antipathy cloaked as political antipathy has been the major conflict in Obama’s presidency. His impossible task as an individual and as a president is nothing less than this: to reform the entire racist culture of the country he leads. Black people know he can’t do it, but will support his effort anyway, as they have supported the efforts of many others. Obama’s is a noble and singular story we will tell for generations. I Heart Obama looks at the story so far.

“As Barack Obama enters the last of his eight years in office, reflections on his legacy abound. Yet Kaplan’s musings rise above the pack. Examining Obama as a folk hero, a man and the first black president, Kaplan offers a compelling portrait of a leader charged with reforming a racist nation, and she doesn’t shy from expressing her love and admiration.”—Ms.Magazine

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Erin Aubry Kaplan has been a journalist covering black issues for twenty-five years, including nine years as a staff writer for LA Weekly and two years as a weekly op-ed columnist for the Los Angeles Times. Her work has been anthologized, and she is the recipient of a PEN Center USA award for literary journalism. She is also the author of Black Talks, Blue Thoughts, and Walking the Color Line.