Presidential Historian David Greenberg, Author of Republic of Spin, in conversation with Journalist Richard Reeves

Does spin manipulate the citizenry? Or engage us more fully in the democratic project? David Greenberg’s vivid new history Republic of Spin: An Inside History of the American Presidency covers more than a hundred years of politics and recounts the rise of the White House spin machine, from Teddy Roosevelt to Barack Obama. Come join us and listen in on what can only be a gem of an interview by award-winning journalist and best-selling author Richard Reeves, author of President Kennedy: Profile of Power, followed by a book signing, Tuesday, May 10th at 7 p.m.

SpinJacketCMPRepublic of Spin takes us behind the scenes inside presidential politics. We meet Woodrow Wilson convening the first White House press conference, Franklin Roosevelt huddling with his private pollsters, Ronald Reagan’s aides crafting his nightly-news sound bites, and George W. Bush staging his “Mission Accomplished” photo-op. We meet, too, figures like Teddy Roosevelt’s brilliantly efficient press manager, Dwight Eisenhower’s canny TV coach, and the key spinmeisters of our own times, from Roger Ailes to David Axelrod. Exploring the ideas of the century’s most incisive political critics, from Walter Lippmann to Hannah Arendt to Stephen Colbert, Republic of Spin illuminates both the power of spin and its limitations.

David Greenberg.jpgDAVID GREENBERG is a professor of history at Rutgers University and the author of several books about American history, including the prize-winning Nixon’s Shadow: The History of an Image, and, most recently, Republic of Spin: An Inside History of the American Presidency. Formerly an acting editor of The New Republic(when it was good) and a longtime contributor to Slate, he now writes a history column for Politico. He has also written for The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Foreign Affairs, DaedalusDissent, Raritan and othersHe lives in Manhattan with his family.

Richard Reeves.jpgRICHARD REEVES, the bestselling author of such books as President Kennedy: Profile of Power, and Infamy: The Shocking Story of the Japanese American Internment in World War II, is an award-winning journalist who has worked for the New York Times, written for The New Yorker, and served as chief correspondent for Frontline on PBS. Currently the senior lecturer at the Annenburg School for Communication and Journalism at the University of Southern California, he lives in New York and Los Angeles.