Middle-Reader Author Kristin Riddick Reading & Signing Kat McGee Saves America

Saturday, June 25th at 4:00 p.m.

Kat McGee, the daring, strong heroine whose wild adventures inspire girls and boys alike, is back just in time for Independence Day with Kat McGee Saves America. Time-travel lovers: don’t miss this special Saturday with TV actress, adventurer and Kat-creator Kristin Riddick! Saturday, June 25th, 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.


The Fourth of July. Parades, fireworks, apple pie–and an amazing history of American freedom and revolution. Kat McGee doesn’t know what she’d do without her favorite summery celebration of all things patriotic… but if she doesn’t travel back in time to work her holiday-saving magic, she’s going to find out–and fast. It’s 1776. Thomas Jefferson has been kidnapped. The Declaration of Independence is gone. And the country’s brilliant past rests on a young woman from the future, aided only by (the Statue of) Liberty, a young John Quincy Adams, and a whole lot of summer holiday spirit.

“Kristin Riddick marries historical facts with fantasy and adventure; readers learn American history in the most entertaining way possible.” – Smart Books for Smart Kids

KristinRiddickKristin Riddick is the author of three books in the Kat McGee Adventure series. Kristin, like Kat, never met an adventure she didn’t like. She has acted in commercials, sitcoms, webisodes, and her husband’s road trip movies. Her voice can be heard on television and in films, most recently in NBC’s “Heartbeat” and TVLand’s “Impastor,” but you will never know it is her voice so it seems very mysterious. She currently divides her time between Los Angeles and Austin. To find out more go to www.kristinriddick.com, or join the KAT adventure www.facebook.com/AKatMcGeeAdventure and follow on twitter and instagram @katmcgeebooks.