Turkish Groove with Dolunay, New York-Based Fusion Trio, $15- $20

Thursday, July 7th, 7:30 p.m. – 9:00 pm.

From Brooklyn via the Balkans and beyond! Local Middle-Eastern arts group The Markaz hosts an unusual evening of music by NY-based ensemble Dolunay. Treat your ears to a draught of Turkish-Rumeli music traditions, fermented in the multiple Ottoman-influenced regions of Europe, uncorked in the urban hubbub of NYC and transported here for a special evening. $15 when you reserve in advance with The Markaz, $20 at the door. Thursday, July 7th, 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Reserve tickets and listen to music here and learn more about the program on facebook.

dolunay (1)At once ethereal and grounded, Dolunay flirts with the soundscape of the ancient Ottomans, tracing its migration through Balkan villages, coaxing it across seas and oceans, and grafting it onto a Brooklyn-based backdrop. The trio infuses classic and contemporary traditions with an urban grit. With an array of original compositions offered alongside renditions of Turkish and Rumeli standards, the music of Dolunay (Turkish for “full moon”) offers listeners an escape from the press of city life. Rumeli soul mingles with the diverse musical and linguistic influences of members Eylem Basaldi (violin), Adam Good (oud and tambura), and Jenny Luna (vocals) to create a sound world that is unique to the cultural confluences of New York – and now makes a special appearance in Larchmont!  Listen here: http://dolunaynyc.com/music/

“.. a bristling tapestry that runs the gamut from quiet and moody, to suspenseful and serpentine, to a sort of elegantly feral dancing quality. Jenny Luna’s spellbinding voice is front and center.” NY Music Daily

About Dolunay: The Ensemble performs regularly at Brooklyn venues Barbés and Jalopy, and has been featured at Golden Festival NYC, Maqam Fest NYC, Make Music New York, EEFC Balkan Music and Dance Workshops, the American Folk Art Museum, Boston Balkan Music Night, and Club Passim. They have offered makam and song workshops at Bard College and the Rhody Center for World Music and Dance.