Wallace King, Author of Epic Historic Novels, Reads and Signs Edenland

Wednesday, August 10th at 7:00 p.m.

Wallace King, whose debut novel, The True Life Story of Isobel Roundtree, was nominated for multiple awards,  returns with a third novel for lovers of fiction wrapped in the sweep of history. Edenland is a love story, and narrative of escape that echoes Huck Finn in its invention of an odd pair of runaways stumbling into a brief idyll from an oppressive world. Get swept up in this epic tale with Wallace King on Wednesday,August 10th at 7:00 p.m, reading, with signing to follow

King-Edenland-22052-CV-FTEdenland is an uncommon story about slavery, innocence, and the redemptive nature of love. Born a slave, but self-educated, Bledsoe had never left Our Joy plantation, and a daring escape offers his only chance for liberty. On the run he encounters Alice, an illiterate Irish indentured servant, committing what appears to be an act of murder as she burns down a shack in the Great Dismal Swamp of North Carolina. Faced with the threat of capture, Bledsoe and Alice become reluctant allies. An epic tale unfolds as their quest for freedom pulls them from swamp to city, from North Carolina to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Somewhere between injustice and loss, they discover a hidden place that seems an Eden. But the Confederate army is on the march and, separated, they are cast into fates they never imagined.

“There is an exuberant, almost ramshackle quality to the adventures in which this engaging duo become entangled, and their love story is charming.”  –Library Journal


Wallace King is a novelist and screenwriter. Her debut novel, The True Life Story of Isobel Roundtree, received starred reviews and was nominated for a number of awards. Her second novel, Maybelleen, explored how history is never written the same way by two people. Both novels were optioned and adapted for film. More information:wallacekingwriting.com