Bennett Smith Scares Us with a Dose of his Debut Thriller God Pharm, Signing

Wednesday, September 14th at 7:00 p.m.

Screenwriter Bennett Smith and his co-writer, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Garrett Roper offer a debut novel with a frightening and, creepily, an increasingly possible premise: what if a gene-modifying drug could alter a human being’s belief system? If you like science and global intrigue and crazy-mad hackers rolled into one philosophically challenging techno-thriller, come meet Bennett Smith and get a taste of God Pharm.  Reading and Signing.

GodPharmGod Pharm is a new techno-thriller novel that is as terrifyingly real as it is fictitious, challenging the reader’s perception of history and humanity by presenting a reality that may not be far from the truth. Brash Thom Burke is everything a scientist shouldn’t be: a genius millennial born with a silver spoon. But when his academic project is revoked, Thom jeopardizes his career and privilege to produce an illegal gene-modifying drug that could change someone’s belief in God . . . by making them become one. What Thom doesn’t realize is that a version of this drug has already been created – weaponized – and its creators will do everything in their power to suppress its knowledge. Only by entering the shadow domain of global power: a dangerous world filled with pious hackers, vengeful geneticists and impassioned assassins, will Thom learn the grim truth of who, among Business, Church and State,  might truly control our civilization.

Bennett SmithBennett Smith lives and writes in Los Angeles. A graduate of Boston College, his first feature screenplay was a finalist in the Disney Fellowship Program. He has gone on to write professionally for television, film, and more recently, video games. He also works as a director in all three of those mediums. A list of his credited work can be found at


Co-writer Garrett Roper is a serial entrepreneur based in SiliconValley.  He has co-founded several companies over the years and enjoys working with founders/CEOs of early stage companies.  He currently sits on the Board of Directors of several private companies. He is a former CPA and holds an MBA from Rutgers University and a BA from Denison University.