From Poldark to Polenta! BBC Star Robin Ellis, Author of Mediterranean Cooking for Diabetics in Conversation with L.A. Times T.V. Critic Robert Lloyd

Sunday, September 11th at 6:00 p.m.

Do you adore Poldark the 1st and now, Poldark the 2nd? How about delicious Mediterranean meals? Might you love someone with diabetes (including yourself)? If yes to ANY of these,  you can savor ALL of these amorous ingredients slow-cooked into ONE mouth-watering event. Actor, cook, author Robin Ellis  – Poldark the 1st, with an upcoming antagonist role in BBC’s Poldark redux! – in conversation with L.A. Times TV critic Robert Lloyd, and sharing dishes of all sorts, including from his new  Mediterranean Cooking for Diabetics: Delicious Dishes to Control or Avoid DiabetesConversation, q&a, signing to follow. 

MedCookingDiabetsMediterranean Cooking for Diabetics is written especially for those diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes – or those at risk of developing it – who love food and enjoy cooking and want to continue with those pleasures. This is a food lover’s guide to eating well with Diabetes. Diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes himself, TV’s original Poldark Robin Ellis explains the dietary changes he made that helped him to bring his glucose levels down. In this book he shares the recipes that he has created, adapted and enjoyed as the basis of his Mediterranean way of eating. They are reliable, easy to follow and, above all, delicious! A book that represents a whole new way of eating and cooking that is suitable for diabetics – and for anyone who wants to eat more healthily.

“While not suffering from diabetes myself, I can highly recommend Robin’s delicious recipes, some of which I have had the pleasure of sampling at his table in France. The recipes have all the richness of classical Mediterranean cooking. Enjoy yourselves with this mouth-watering cornucopia . . .”   -Sir Derek Jacobi, Actor

Poldark2PolentaRobin Ellis is best known for his role as Captain Ross Poldark in the original BBC classic series. He then returned to play a cameo in the recent smash hit adaptation of Poldark. Apart from his career as an actor Robin has always been a passionate cook. He learned to cook from his mother, who suffered from Type 1 diabetes.  In 1999, he researched the best way of eating for his Type 2 condition. He settled on a low-carb Mediterranean diet and, together with daily walks, he has managed to control his condition successfully ever since.

Robert Lloyd has been a Los Angeles Times television critic since 2003. Previously, he held that position at L.A. Weekly, whose music editor and critic he also was for some years, and was the author of the Today column at the late Los Angeles Herald-Examiner. His oral history of “Freaks & Geeks” appeared in the January 2013 issue of Vanity Fair.