Foremost Sherlockian Les Klinger Sounds The Depths with Echoes of Sherlock Holmes’ Contributors Cory Doctorow, Gary Phillips and Anne Perry

Wednesday, November 16th at 7:00 p.m.

NY Times bestselling editor Les Klinger together with his co-editor Laurie King, is out with an intriguing third anthology of brand-new stories from a marvelous range of writers, each resonating imaginatively with Conan Doyle’s classic Inspector. He will host a discussion with a trio of  top-notch contributors– the British Victorian mystery maestra Anne Perry, science-fiction author and Electronic frontiersman Cory Doctorow and noir author-comics alchemist Gary Phillips – who together  exemplify the gorgeous variety found in Echoes of Sherlock Holmes. Come investigate the evidence for yourself at this talk, reading, q&a and signing.

echoesIn this follow-up to the acclaimed anthology
In the Company of Sherlock Holmes, expert Sherlockians Laurie King and Les Klinger put forth the question: What happens when great writers/creators who are not known as Sherlock Holmes devotees admit to being inspired by Conan Doyle stories? While some are highly-regarded mystery writers, others are best known for their work in the fields of fantasy or science fiction. All of these talented authors, however, share a great admiration for Arthur Conan Doyle and his greatest creations, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. To the editors’ great delight, these stories go in many directions. Some explore the spirit of Holmes himself; others tell of detectives themselves inspired by Holmes’s adventures or methods. Although not a formal collection of new Sherlock Holmes stories—however some do fit that mold—instead these writers were asked to be inspired by the Conan Doyle canon. The results are breathtaking, for fans of Holmes and Watson as well as readers new to Doyle’s writing—indeed, for all readers who love exceptional storytelling.

corydoctorowCory Doctorow ( is a science fiction author, activist, journalist, and blogger—the co-editor of Boing Boing (www.boingboing. net) and the author of the YA graphic novel In Real Life, the nonfiction business book Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free, and young adult novels like Homeland, Pirate Cinema, and Little Brother and novels for adults like Rapture of the Nerds and Makers. He works for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and co-founded the UK Open Rights Group. Born in Toronto, Canada, he now lives in Los Angeles.

anneperryAnne Perry has published over eighty books. Fifty-three of them feature either Inspector Thomas Pitt, first of Bow Street, then of Special Branch, or Commander William Monk, lately of the Thames River Police. The books, plus several short stories, are all mysteries set in Victorian London, and so it is hardly surprising that she was influenced by Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. The invitation to join in this collection was irresistible. Her story “Raffa” is dedicated to her friend Kira Gangi.

LesKlinger_049_smLeslie S. Klinger is the New York Times bestselling editor of the Edgar®- winning The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes and the multi-award-winning ten-volume Sherlock Holmes Reference Library. He also co-edited, with Laurie R. King, the anthologies A Study in Sherlock and the Anthony-winning In the Company of Sherlock Holmes. He became hooked on the Sherlock Holmes Canon while he was attending law school, desperate for some non-law reading. He freely admits that even more than the stories, the footnotes of The Annotated Sherlock Holmes by William S. Baring-Gould were his primary interest. He also writes about other geeky subjects, such as Dracula, H. P. Lovecraft, and Frankenstein and has edited two anthologies of horror stories. Klinger was inducted into the Baker Street Irregulars in 1999 as “The Abbey Grange.”
garyphillipsBorn under a bad sign, Gary Phillips must keep writing to forestall his appointment at the crossroads.  In addition to his first ever Sherlock Holmes story in Echoes of Sherlock Holmes he has short stories in The Highway Kind, Crime +Music: Twenty Stories of Music-Themed Noir, and co-editor of 44 Caliber Funk: Tales of Crime, Soul and Payback.  He also has two comic miniseries out now, Peepland, co-written with Christa Faust, set in the grindhouse days of 1980s Times Square, and Vigilante: Southland.