Meet Sanjay Nambiar, Creator of Super Amazing Princess Heroes, Reading & Signing The Gift of Gift in Partnership with World Children’s Initiative

Saturday, November 19th at 5:30 p.m.

This sweet, illustrated children’s story The Gift of Gift is the result of a special partnership with World Children’s Initiative (WCI), which built a hospital in Sri Lanka after the 2004 tsunami as well as the African heart center depicted in The Gift of Gift. The title character was inspired by a real-life girl named Gift, who was WCI’s first heart patient in Uganda. Proceeds from the book will be shared with WCI. Meet Sanjay and take this golden opportunity to teach young children about the beauty of generosity. Reading & Signing.


The Gift of Gift features the three main Super Amazing Princess Heroes – Kinney, Oceana, and Sammie – who learn that one of their Ugandan friends, a wonderful girl named Gift, is sick with a heart condition. The girls spring into action and help build a heart hospital in Uganda. Gift not only becomes healthy, but also receives another very special transformation, as she becomes a new Super Amazing Princess Hero with the power of healing. Award-winning author Sanjay Nambiar and acclaimed artist Sedi Pak provided their services pro bono for the project.


Sanjay Nambiar has written several award-winning books, including “The Super Amazing Princess Heroes: How It All Started”, “The Gift of Gift”, and multiple titles in the A Little Zen for Little Ones series. Through his books, he hopes to inspire readers and convey positive messages to kids. In addition to writing books, Sanjay also is the CEO of SPH Media, the company behind the multimedia global brand platform for the Super Amazing Princess Heroes. Sanjay grew up in Carson, CA, where he overcame a gang- and drug-riddled environment with the help of a close-knit family and a focus on education. He graduated with honors from U.C. Berkeley, and earned an M.B.A. from UCLA.