Author and Prominent Psychologist Stephan Poulter Launches The Art of Successful Failure

Wednesday, January 25th at 7:30 p.m.

Dr. Stephan B. Poulter, a clinical psychologist and author of nine previous books blends Eastern spiritual perspectives with scientific values derived from Western practice in his newest book The Art of Successful Failure. In it he addresses age-old concerns we all have, such as ‘How the heck do all the pieces in my life fit together? ‘ With an unusual career that includes theological training and hands on experience in law enforcement, he’s got quite a blend going on himself and will explain to us his premise that there are no coincidences in this life. Reading, q&a,  signing.

theartofsuccessfulfailureWhat if nothing is random? The Art of Successful Failure is a personal roadmap to discovering the significant purpose meaning and important life lessons that we all have. Dr. Poulter brings a fresh perspective as a former law enforcement officer, seminary graduate, psychologist, father and author to some of the timeless questions: What does this all mean; How do all the different pieces in my life fit together; Where is the universal force (What some call God) when I need it? The book explores the dynamics of your karma, past and present lives, shame, forgiveness, you and your higher power with modern day spiritual insights. There are no coincidences in your life regardless of your anxiety, fears, disappointments and despair, all your life experiences are the fabric and material necessary for your spiritual awakening. The Art of Successful Failure  goes below the surface of events to introduce the next chapter of your life.

poulterDr. Stephan B. Poulter is a prominent Los Angeles clinical psychologist with over twenty-five years in private practice, author of nine books, family therapist, and public speaker on Father/Mother/teen issues. Dr. Fuller is also a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary and has appeared on numerous radio shows and news programs  where he describes his work as “Jesus meets Buddha for lunch.” His work has evolved into an exploration of the multifaceted spirituality of everyday life.