Debut Crime Novelists Joe Ide, IQ, and Scott Reardon, The Prometheus Man, in Discussion & Signing

Thursday, February 2nd at 7:00p.m.

Why is it the best crime writers so often live Vol. I of their lives before they write that breakout debut? Perhaps you must walk those mean streets – or corporate corridors – before you can guide a reader tautly down them. Two  seasoned adults – now hot new novelists! – have done just that. Joe Ide is a 58-year old Japanese-American whose upbringing in South Central inspired IQ , named for its title character Isaiah Quintabe, a “hip-hop Sherlock Holmes,” and earning praise from the likes of Gregg Hurwitz and Carl Hiaasen. Scott Reardon took time from his day job running an L.A. investment firm to pen The Prometheus Man, a techno-thriller that has garnered comparisons to Michael Crichton and Robert Ludlum. Meet this nova-star pair, treating us to both funny and thrilling readings, a discussion and signing.

iqIQ is one of the freshest, funniest and most exciting debuts in years. It boasts a fantastical plot, with attack dogs specially bred to the size of a horse and a hip-hop mogul suffering an existential crisis while downing Krispy Kreme donuts by the dozen. East Long Beach. The LAPD is barely keeping up with the high crime rate. If you’ve got a case the police can’t or won’t touch, Isaiah Quintabe will help you out.  They call him IQ.  He’s a loner and a high school dropout, his unassuming nature disguising a relentless determination and a fierce intelligence. He charges his clients whatever they can afford, which might be a set of tires or a homemade casserole. To get by, he’s forced to take on clients that can pay. This time, it’s a rap mogul whose life in his danger. Part Tarantino, part Sherlock Holmes, Joe Ide’s IQ is equally heartbreaking, thrilling, and downright fantastic, and Bill Ott’s starred Booklist review says it best: “this is one of those rare debuts that leaves us panting for more—and soon.”


  • Top Ten Mysteries and Thrillers by Publishers Weekly,
  • Fall’s Plottiest Novels by New York Magazine
  • November 2016 Indie Next List Pick

This is one of the most intriguing — and appealing detective characters to come along in years.” – Carl Hiassen

“…a wholly unique voice, one that is at once irreverent and compelling, moving and incisive…. buy this book now.” -Gregg Hurwitz, author of the New York Times bestselling ORPHAN X

theprometheusmanIn The Prometheus Man the reader is flung from the halls of the CIA, through secret international laboratories, to the streets of Paris, London, and Berlin. Since 2001, researchers have been able to increase the muscle mass and the intelligence of lab mice using stem cell injections. In Scott Reardon’s heart-pounding debut novel, a secret experiment has done the same thing—to a human. The goal was to create the “perfect” solider, but instead an innocent researcher’s life is lost and the experiment spirals out of control. As the government frantically tries to cover up the illicit project, Tom Reese—the late researcher’s brother—is so determined to find answers that he cons his way into the CIA, bringing readers along on an adrenaline-packed journey that explores the ways in which technology is not just changing the world but changing our bodies, ultimately asking the question, is it possible to create a super-human? 

“Part Robert Ludlum, part Michael Crichton, with a contemporary spin all Scott Reardon’s own… flat-out a great read!”
—Christopher Reich, New York Times bestselling author of Rules of Deception

“A debut thriller that succeeds….High-octane action….A classic race against time.”
—Kirkus Reviews


Joe Ide is of Japanese American descent. He grew up in South Central Los Angeles. Joe’s favorite books were the Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes stories. The idea that a person could face the world and vanquish his enemies with just his intelligence fascinated him. Joe went on to earn a graduate degree and had several careers before writing his debut novel IQ ,inspired by his early experiences and love of Sherlock. Joe lives in Santa Monica, California.


Scott Reardon is a graduate of Georgetown University and Northwestern Law. He runs an investment management firm in Los Angeles.The Prometheus Man is his first novel.