Geller Prize-Winning Writer(s) J.J. Gesher Launch Debut Novel A Narrow Bridge Plus Gospel Trio!

Tuesday, February 7th at 7:00p.m.

Double your fun with the debut “novelist”  J.J. Gesher, actually the pen name for a team of two writers, who began their highly successful collaboration writing for film and TV and now launch their debut in fiction with the praised and anticipated A Narrow Bridge. There aren’t too many places in which an Orthodox Jew from Brooklyn would feel more displaced than in the rural deep south, yet this is the cultural bridge the novel’s protagonist must cross in a novel hailed for its humane insight and vivid storytelling. In fact, the novel inspired a highly regarded songwriter and three stellar gospel musicians to literally sing its praises! Come meet the ladies who launch as J.J. Gesher – Janet B. Fattel and Joyce Gittlin – for a sparkling reading, talk, q&a and signing with a Gospel Trio performance!!!

narrowbridgeAfter a childhood of rebellion, Jacob Fisher has grown to find strength and comfort in his Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn—especially in the home he’s made with his wife and their young children. In one stunning moment, the life he knows ends. Jacob’s world crushes him, and he flees in anguish. Jacob finds himself in a predominantly African American town in rural Alabama, where he meets Rosie, the single mother of a young son. Their friendship, along with the rekindling of his love of music, precipitates events that will change both their lives.   This captivating debut novel tells an inspiring story of finding courage after tragedy—and of the restorative power of human connection.

“Blazingly original and fiercely smart,  A Narrow Bridge shows that who we love is really who we are.”— Caroline Leavitt, New York Times–bestselling author of Cruel Beautiful World and Pictures of You

joyce         janetb

J.J. Gesher is the pen name for co-authors Joyce Gittlin and  Janet B. Fattal. Together, Janet and Joyce have won several prestigious screenwriting awards, including the Geller Prize and the Screenwriting Award at the Austin Film Festival. Their first screenwriting collaboration was produced as a Lifetime Television movie. Separately, Gittlin has written more than ten feature films and written and directed such TV shows as Every-body Loves Raymond and Frasier. Fattal has taught college literature and leads many L.A.-area book clubs, including for Brandeis, the Skirball, and Hadassah.

The Gospel Trio will give a performance of two gospel-style songs by LA songwriter Rosie Casey, including one that she wrote after reading A Narrow Bridge. Singers Catte Adams, Fred White ( Aaron Neville, Dionne Warwick, Jennifer Love Hewett), Bridgette Bryant (Phil Collins, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross) and Ed Czach on keyboard.