Award-Winning Los Angeles Poets Read and Discuss Their Uniquely Cross-Pollinated Collection Angle of Reflection

Wednesday, March 22nd at 7:00 p.m.

Good poems always seem to be a part of a larger, not entirely visible conversation, as lungs are to the air we breathe. What if that implicit conversation was explored tangibly by a cluster of excellent poets over decades? Angle of Reflection does just that. The  expansive new collection of lyric poems features the work of ten award-winning Los Angeles poets with a remarkable 20-year history of working together. Join seven of them – Jeanette Clough, Sarah Maclay, Holaday Mason, Jim Natal, Jan Wesley, Brenda Yates, and Mariano Zaro – for what will certainly be an effulgent reading, talk, q&a, and signing to celebrate their stealthily epic feat of poetry.

angleThis luminous collection (Marjorie Becker, Jeanette Clough, Dina Hardy, Paul Lieber, Sarah Maclay, Holaday Mason, Jim Natal, Jan Wesley, Brenda Yates, and Mariano Zaro) is both a sampler and a reservoir, capturing poems that serve as an entrée and retrospective as well as a showcase of current work. Perhaps the only umbrella term to categorize the poems here is lyric, though each poet’s section offers an individual interpretation and definition. However, there is nothing fragmented about the way this anthology flows. Because of, and despite, the differences in these poets’ singular voices, their poems carry on complex conversations across sections—correspondences that invite the reader to engage with the contrasts and similarities, themes and images. With an Introduction by esteemed poet David St. John, with whom some in the group worked weekly for many years, Angle of Reflection is a celebration of community, collaboration, and the joy of poetic diversity.

“… ten poets at the height of their creative powers and skill. They are sensuous and savvy, and the interaction between inner and outer landscapes is consistently mesmerizing…a treasury of the poetic image, rife with delight and discovery. Rest assured — the lyric poem is alive and well. “– Gail Wronsky, So Quick Bright Things

“This anthology covers tremendous territory — nature, ecology, politics, identity, the philosophical relationship to place and landscape, and at the most impeccably timed moments, an appropriate whimsy and levity. “– Chris Abani, Hands Washing Water


Jeanette Clough’s collection, Flourish, was a finalist in the Otis College of Art and Design and Eastern Washington University annual book competitions. Awards include Pushcart nominations and a Commendation in the Aesthetica Creative Works competition (UK).  She also served as Artist in Residence for the National Parks. Recent work appears in Colorado Review and Laurel Review.


2016 COLA Fellow Sarah Maclay’s newest release is The “She” Series: A Venice Correspondence, a collaboration with Holaday Mason. Her poems and criticism appear in APR, FIELD, Ploughshares, the Best American Erotic Poetry, The Writers’ Chronicle,Poetry International, several previous poetry collections, and elsewhere. Awards include a Pushcart Special Mention, the Tampa Review Prize for Poetry, and a Yaddo residency.

holaday-masonHoladay Mason is the author of Towards the Forest, Dissolve, The Red Bowl: A Fable in Poems, & The She Series:  A Venice Correspondence, a collaboration with Sarah Maclay (WhatBooks). Pushcart nominee, widely published, Holaday is a psychotherapist since 1993, & a fine art photographer.

jim-natalJim Natal is the Pushcart Prize-nominated author of 52 Views: The Haibun Variations, Memory and Rain, and two previous poetry collections. His work has appeared in many journals and anthologies, including Hayden’s Ferry Review, Spillway, Alligator Juniper, San Pedro River Review, and Los Angeles in the 1970s.


Jan Wesley’s credits include a poetry book, Living in Freefall, three published chapbooks, and poems have appeared in Iowa Review, Rattle, Spillway, Psychological Perspectives, and others. She received her MFA from Vermont College, taught writing in college, and now teaches writing workshops. She received a Pushcart and Ruth Lily award nominations.

brenda-yatesBrenda Yates is the award-winning author of Bodily Knowledge (Tebot Bach 2015) whose publications include Mississippi Review; The American Journal of Poetry, Tor House News; City of the Big Shoulders: An Anthology of Chicago Poetry (University of Iowa Press) and The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume VI: Tennessee (Texas Review Press).


Mariano Zaro is the author of 4 bilingual books of poetry, most recently Tres letras/Three Letters. His poems are included in Monster Verse (Random House), Wide Awake (Beyond Baroque Books), The Coiled Serpent (Tía Chucha), Angle of Reflection (Arctos Press) and in several magazines in Spain, Mexico and USA.