Glimmer into March with All Lit Up: Antonia Crane, Chris Morris, Christopher Higgs and Brian Woodbury

Thursday, March 2nd 7:00 p.m.

 ff_lightbulbs_fAll Lit Up is a collaborative effort lovingly orchestrated under the aegis of our owners, Bert Deixler and Darryl Holter, in tandem with host-authors Rich Ferguson and Stephanie Barbé Hammer, and Chevalier’s Liz Newstat. Every month we offer delectable morsels from literary artists and musicians, served between convivial mixing, and garnished with a light selection of open mic surprises.This month, absorb the lambent wit of former stripper and writer-performer Antonia Crane, author of the acclaimed memoir Spent, step into the dappled honesty of new dad Christopher Higgs, just out with his memoir As I Stand Living,  catch the glint of  musician Brian Woodbury’s artful pop and glean in the gloaming of longtime music writer Chris Morris, chronicler of Bob Dylan and Los Lobos, among others. Reading, signing, performance & music.

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craneantoniaphotoAntonia Crane has written for The New York Times, The Believer, Playboy, Cosmopolitan,, The Rumpus, The Los Angeles Review and Buzzfeed  among others. Her fiction and nonfiction has appeared alongside writers like Roxane Gay and Stephen Graham Jones (The New Black, edited by Richard Thomas). Her screenplay The Lusty (co-written by Transparent writer Silas Howard) was based on the true story of the exotic dancer’s labor union. She has appeared on CNN and  been interviewed on WTF with Marc Maron and Michael Smerconish.

“Antonia Crane’s writing is bold and beautiful and glimmering with light.” — Cheryl Strayed, author of Wild, Tiny Beautiful Things

Crane’s memoir, Spentnow out in paperback, was first released in hardcover in 2014 to wide acclaim. A small town girl leaves her troubled family and starts stripping — which introduces her to a community that keeps her sober and saves her life — but a roller-coaster lifestyle ensues.chrismorris

Chris Morris
is the author of  
Together Through Life: A Personal Journey With the Music of Bob Dylan and Los Lobos: Dream in Blue. He contributed to John Doe and Tom DeSavia’s Under the Big Black
and to the Grammy-nominated audio book of the same name. The longtime L.A. music journalist is a contributor to Variety and former senior writer for Billboard and music editor of the Hollywood Reporter.


Christopher Higgs lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son, where he teaches at Cal State Northridge. He wrote The Complete Works of Marvin K. Mooney: a novel,  and assembled the SPD #1 Bestselling novel ONE, in collaboration with Blake Butler and Vanessa Place. In addition to publishing two chapbooks, Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously and Becoming Monster, he’s written for numerous print and online venues, including: AGNI, Denver Quarterly, Global Queer Cinema, and The Paris Review Daily.  

In his just released radical memoir, As I Stand Living, Christopher Higgs uses techniques William Faulkner employed for the construction of As I Lay Dying to create a deeply personal and philosophical portrait of the year he became a father. Blending elements of fantasy and confession, Higgs confronts parenthood.

brianwoodburypayattentioncdphoto4288acrossBrian Woodbury is a songwriter who straddles the art/pop/theater/comedy divide. He has written Disney cartoon themes, stage musicals, orchestrated an album of Bollywood covers, founded a heterodox big band and co-wrote the marriage equality country anthem “Everybody Wants to Say I Do.”He has released six albums, including 2015’s Pay Attention, (“tight pop ditties with a dark sense of humor,” NY Daily News). His songs have been sung by Nathan Lane, Lisa Loeb & Terre Roche. Mentor Van Dyke Parks has said of Brian’s music, “Not since… the wondrous works of young Brian Wilson… have I heard sound of this romantic design. Indispensable.” BBC Radio 3, Mixing It describes him  as “… a multi-talented musician…up there with Zappa and Beefheart.”