Factory Worker-turned-High Powered Lawyer Jim McDermott Reads and Signs his Debut Novel Bitter Is The Wind

Sunday, April 30th at 5:00 p.m.

Jim McDermott’s personally-lived debut novel, Bitter is The Wind, questions the veracity of the American dream for the working class and arrives at a harder-grained vision of  aspirational ideals.  A white collar novelist of rural blue collar origins giving a reading, talk, q&a and signing.

Bitter Is The bitteristhewindWind is a coming of age novel that traces the lives of George Johnson, Jr. and his father from the rural blue collar landscape of upstate New York in the 1970s to the halls of Wharton Business School and the heights of Wall Street. After a family tragedy strengthens their familial bond, the Johnsons contend with assembly line monotony, unfulfilled dreams of baseball stardom, and they learn what it means to be tempted, trapped, jailed and ignored by a seemingly uncaring God.

First time novelist Jim McDermott opens a window on the American working class and its aching desire for financial security, recognition, and respect. His characters confront a modern world with limited possibilities, ambiguous mores, and authorities who seem devoted to keeping the brightest and most talented members of the underclass on the other side of town.

“..Like (Raymond) Carver, McDermott has a way of beautifully and crisply illuminating the thoughts and feelings of solid, blue-collar Americans…Simple, written from bones and muscle. A startling debut.” -Huffington Post
jim-mcdermott-author-photo-for-winter-intstitueJim McDermott is a nationally recognized business litigation attorney based in Portland, Oregon, where he lives with his wife and two daughters. He has worked on an assembly line and also represented multinational corporations. He is a graduate of Syracuse University and the University of Virginia Law School. Bitter Is the Wind, which he worked on for twenty-five years, is his first novel.