Writer and Award-winning Moth GrandSlam Man Matteson Perry Performs Excerpts from His Hair-Raising Dating Memoir Available

Tuesday, May 9th at 7:00 pm

You may recognize Matteson Perry from the hilarious and honest  tales he’s told on NPR, published in the New York Times or featured in  Moth StorySlam, which he hosts here in LA. Or maybe you or someone you know went on a date with him the year he dated 30 women! In any case, his new dating memoir Available charts what happened when this red-blooded serial monogamist decided to experiment with playing the field, albeit hewing to respectful mores,  but blazing a ridiculously funny path.  You’ll be happy you made yourself available for Matteson’s performance and signing!

Avail_PBMatteson Perry is a Nice Guy. He remembers birthdays, politely averts his eyes on the subway, and enjoys backgammon. A serial monogamist, he’s never asked a stranger out. But when the girl he thought might be The One dumps him, he decides to turn his life around. He comes up with The Plan: 1. Be single for a year. 2. Date a lot of women. 3. Hurt no one’s feelings. He’s not out to get revenge, or to become a pickup artist; he just wants to disrupt his pattern, have some fun, and discover who he is. A quick-witted Everyman, Perry throws himself into the modern world of courtship and digital dating, only to discover that even the best-laid plans won’t necessarily get you laid. Over the course of a year he dated almost thirty different women, including a Swedish tourist, a former high school crush, a born-again virgin, a groupie, an actress, a lesbian, and a biter.Candid, empathetic, and devastatingly funny, Available is the ultimate real-life rom-com about learning to date, finding love, and becoming better at life.

Matteson by Stephanie NesonMatteson Perry is a screenwriter, performer, two-time winner of the Moth GrandSlam storytelling championship, and the host of the monthly Moth StorySlam in Los Angeles. His writing has appeared in The New York Times, McSweeney’s, College Humor, and other publications. His work has been featured on NPR and Funny or Die. A Colorado native, Matteson lives in Los Angeles with his wife.