Past Events

David Callahan and Molly Munger, April 24th, 2017
Lisa Dickey and Jill Sobule, April 20th, 2017
Jo Haldeman, April 19th, 2017
Elizabeth Powell and Angela Palm, April 18th, 2017
Steven X. Sylvester, Mary Mallory and Donovan Brandt, April 12th, 2017
Lisa See, April 8th, 2017
Joan Nathan, April 6th, 2017
All Lit Up: Johnette Napolitano and David Kendrick, April 6th, 2017
Penny Arcade with Dudley Saunders and Heather Woodbury, April 5th, 2017
Susan Orlean and Jill Sobule, March 30th, 2017
LA MOTH and CHSLA, Lya Meijers-Frank and Henry Slucki, March 29th, 2017
Michael Tolkin, March 23rd, 2107
Jeanette Clough, Sarah Maclay, Holaday Mason, Jim Natal, Jan Wesley, Brenda Yates,  and Mariano Zaro, March 22nd, 2017
Mary McCoy and Audrey Coulthurst, March 19th, 2017
Christina Baker Kline, March 16th, 2107
Barry Friedman with Matt Johnson, March 15th, 2017
Kayla Kagan, March 14th, 2017
Chen Chen, March 13th, 2017
Lambda LitFestLA, Michael Nava and Alicia Gaspar De Alba, March 10th, 2017
Gish Jen, March 9th, 2017
Co-presentation of The Markhaz and LARB, Sholeh Wolpé, India Radfar, Mark Levine, Dima Hilal, artist Paul Batou, March 5th, 2017
All Lit Up, Antonia Crane,Chris Morris, Christopher Higgins and Brian Woodbury, March 2nd, 2017
Greg Proops, February 23rd, 2017
Christine Lennon, February 22nd, 2017
Carolynn Carreño, February 12th, 2017
All Lit Up, Jackie Bang, Eve Wood, Christian Geo, Samantha Dunn, Celia ChavezFebruary 9th, 2017
J.J.Gesher (Janet B. Fattel and Joyce Gittlin), February 7th, 2017
Joe Ide, Scott Reardon, February 2nd, 2017
Greyson Bryan with Richard Kletter, February 1st, 2017
Andy Heyward, January 31st, 2017
Stephan Poulter, January 25th, 2017
Brad Schreiber, January 24th, 2017
June Dixon, January 18th, 2017
All Lit Up, Gwen Banta, Brandon Jordan Brown, Marnie Goodfriend and Jay Souza, January 12th, 2017
Greg Weisman, January 11th, 2017
Maggie Rowe, Tuesday, January 1oth, 2017
All Lit Up, Aimee Bender, Martin Pousson, Amy Uyematsu and Simon Petty, December 8th, 2016
Fonda St. Paul, December 7th, 2016
Colm Tóibín, James Fearnley, December 6th, 2016
David Kukoff, Joe Donnelly,Matthew Specktor and Susan Hayden, December 1st, 2016
Trine Hahnemann, November 30th, 2016
Darryl Holter, November 29th, 2016
Indies First/Small Business Saturday, Julie Buxbaum, Charlotte Huang, Patricia Lombard, Fonda St. Paul, Kris Williams, Carole Koneff, and Stuart Gibbs, November 26th, 2016
Sanjay Nambiar, November 19th, 2016
Bruce J. Hillman, November 18th, 2016
Molly Schiot, November 17th, 2016
Les Klinger, Cory Doctorow, Gary Phillips and Anne Perry, November 16th, 2016
Michael Connelly, Ben H. Winters, Gary Phillips, Sara Gran, Patrick Millikin, November 15th, 2016
“great weather for MEDIA”Marcia Arrieta, Sara Fetherolf, Christian Georgescu, Richard Loranger, Brenda Yates, David Lawton and Jane Ormerod, Carrie Wade, November 12th, 2016
Tim Hallinan, Naomi Hirahara, Steph Cha, November 10th, 2016
Brendan Constantine, November 7th, 2016
Evelyn De Wolfe and George Lewis, November 5th, 2016
Guy Fieri, November 3rd, 2016
All Lit Up Natashia Deón, Kim Dower, Leon Martell and Mason Summit, November 3rd, 2016
John Freeman with Hector Tobar,  November 2nd, 2016
Sonya Chung,  Julia Fierro,  November 1st, 2016
Nancy Silverton and Carolynn Carreño, October 27th, 2016
Randa Jarrar with Myriam Gurba and Wendy C. Ortiz, October 28th, 2016
Leo Braudy with Tom Lutz, October 26th, 2016
Chelsea Sutton, Jian Huang, Wendy Labinger and Marnie Goodfriend, October 25th, 2016
Marisa Scheinfeld, October 23rd, 2016
Hua Hsu, October 19th, 2016
Michael Krasny, October 14th, 2016
Scott Farris, October 13th, 2016
Stuart Gibbs, October 9th, 2016
All Lit Up Tony DuShane, Jacqueline Suskin, Carine Topal & Michael Miller, October 6th, 2016
Judge William Norris, September 30th, 2016
LitFolks LA Aya de Leon, Bryan Allen Fierro, Minal Hajratwala, Dana Johnson, Karen Palmer, Jeremy Rosenberg and Margaret Wappler, September 29th, 2016
Tessa Hadley, September 28th, 2016
Michelle Latiolais, September 22nd, 2016
Jackie Parker with Paul Kolsby,September 20th, 2016
Lindsey Rosin, September 19th, 2016
Rich Ferguson, with Rob Roberge, CLS Ferguson, Patrick O’Neil, Brad Listi, Antonia Crane  Seth Fischer, and Heather Woodbury, September 15th, 2016
Bennett Smith, September 14th, 2016
Robin Ellis (Poldark) with Robert Lloyd, September 11th, 2016
Charlotte Huang, Julie Buxbaum and Adriana Mather,& Sara E. Santana, September 13th, 2016
All Lit Up Joe Donnelly, Tony Barnstone, Zoë Ruiz, Heather Donavon & Steve McCormick, September 8th, 2016
Jennifer Musto and Leslie Wang, August 30th, 2016
 Janet Fitch with Tom Lutz, August 28th, 2016
Marilyn Brant Chandler DeYoung, August 24th, 2016
Serena Burdick, August 23rd, 2016
Arnold Schwartzman and Stephen Gee, August 22nd, 2016
Ottessa Moshfegh, August 18th, 2016
Dwayne Swierczynski, August 11th, 2016
Wallace King, August 10th, 2016
PEN USA: Jennine Capó Crucet and Eduardo Santiago, August 8th, 2016
Colleen Hoover, August 7th, 2016
Sam Polk, August 4th, 2016
Heather Young and Ivy Pochoda, August 3rd, 2016
Lisa Brackmann & Tim Hallinan with Steph Cha, July 28th, 2016
Ben Ehrenreich with Rabbi Jocee Hudson, July 27th, 2016
Lara Naughton, July 22nd, 2016
Judith Freeman with Laurie Winer, July 21st
Kristina Hagman, July 20th, 2016
S.J. Watson and Steph Cha, July 18th, 2016
Gina Wohlsdorf, Ivy Pochoda, July 14th, 2016
Julia Claiborne Johnson, Steven Rowley, Kemper Donovan, July 13th, 2016
PEN USA: Lidia Yuknavitch & Cynthia Bond, July 11th, 2016
Brendan Constantine, Derrick Brown, Peggy Dobreer, July 10th, 2016
Dolunay, July 7th, 2016
Kristin Riddick, June 25th, 2016
Gillian Thomas with Susan Estrich, June 22nd, 2016
PEN USA Angela Flournoy and Julia Fierro, June 20th, 2016
Tom Lutz, June 17th, 2016
Geoffrey Cowan and Henry Weinstein, June 16th, 2016
Ann Stampler, June 15th, 2016
Rachel Harper and Nina Revoyr, June 14th, 2016
Greg Vandy, June 9th, 2016
Andy Furillo, June 13th
Josh King with Todd Purdum, June 8th, 2016
Jay Newton-Small, June 7th, 2016
PEN USA: Richard Bausch, Ron Carlson, and Aimee Bender, moderated by Marissa Matarazzo, June 6th, 2016
Jim Ruland, David Rocklin, Rebecaa Gonzales, James Morrison and Karen Stefano,  June 2nd, 2016
Hope GillermanJune 1st, 2016
Leila Howland, May 22nd, 2016
Tamara Bower, May 21st, 2016
Bali James, May 20th, 2016
Joyce Maynard, May 19th, 2016
Sharon Weil, May 17th, 2016
Meredith Maran, Claire Bidwell Smith, Jillian Lauren, and Sarah Tomlinson, May 16th, 2016
Lauren Weedman, May 15th, 2016
Esta Spalding, May 15th, 2016
WriteGirl, May 14th, 2016
Rebecca Razo, May 12th, 2016
David Greenberg and Richard Reeves, May 10th, 2016
Maria Toorpakai, May 9th, 2016
Amy Silverman and Elizabeth Aquino, May 6th, 2016
Ana Maria Spagna, Dana Johnson, and Amilia K. Spicer, May 5th, 2016
Kate Siegel, Kim Friedman and Morgan Shanahan, May 4th, 2016
Darryl Holter and Julia Holter, April 30th, 2016
Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney, April 29th, 2016
Patricia Park and Maria Maggenti, April 27th, 2016
Wayne Pacelle, April 26th, 2016
Tony Castro, April 21st, 2016
Erin Aubry Kaplan, April 20th, 2016
Irin Carmon, April 16th, 2016
Blair Tindall, April 14th, 2016
Siike Donnelly, April 13th, 2016
Dr. Amina Hassan, Judge Miller-Sloan, Laurie Levenson, April 11th, 2016
Stuart Gibbs, Leslie Margolis, Sarah Mlynowski, April 9th, 2016
Toni Ann Johnson, Conney Williams, Tom Rossi, April 7th, 2016
Nicelle Davis, Nik De Dominic, Ching-In Chen, Neil Aitken, Rich Ferguson, Caroline Kessler, Tanya Ko, Gabriel Don, Cindy Rinne, Jacqueline Tchakalian, Elizabeth Silver, Peggy Dobreer, John FitzGerald, Annette Schiebout, Helene Cardona, Ashley Inguanta, April 3rd, 2016
Carolyne Wright, April 2nd, 2016
Phillip Lopate and Gregory Pardlo, March 31st, 2016
Diz White, March 30th, 2016
Sam Quinones, March 29th, 2016
Wendy Lawless, March 24th, 2016
Catherine Lowell, March 23rd, 2016
Mark Rogo, March 22nd, 2016
Lucy Dahl, March 19th, 2016
Rolanda Watts, March 16th, 2016
Shawn Stevenson, March 15th, 2016
Alan Rifkin, March 13th, 2016
Chris Morris, March 10th, 2016
Henri Cole and Amy Gerstler, March 7th, 2016
Linda Hervieux, March 4th, 2016
Rob Roberge, Brendan Constantine, Heather Porcaro and  Alex Espinoza, March 3rd, 2016
Henry Korn, March 2nd, 2016
Laila Lalami and Natasha Deon, February 29th, 2016
Doug Green, February 25th, 2016
Pete Molinari, February 18th, 2016
Alexander Chee and Noel Alumnit, February 15th, 2016
Charles Yu and Salvador Placencia, February 8th, 2016
Amy Gerstler, Amy Wilentz and Amy Uyematsu, February 4th, 2016
Darryl Pinckney, February 3rd, 2016
Misha Glenny, February 1st, 2016
Trent Lott and Tom Daschle, January 27th, 2016
Viet Thanh Nguyen and T. Geronimo Johnson, January 25th, 2016
Kathleen Hale, January 24th, 2016
Lorraine Evanoff, January 21st, 2016
Kristen Kittscher and Anne Nesbet, January 17th, 2016
Trine Hahnemann, January 14th, 2016
Julian Smith-Newman Writing Class, January 10th 2016
Gary Visconti, January 10th 2016
Hector Tobar, January 8th, 2016
John Brantingham, Jillian Lauren and Conrad Romo, January 7th, 2016
Darryl Holter and Bill Deverell, December 17th, 2015
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Leslie Klinger, December 16th, 2015
Heidi Swedberg, December 15th, 2015
Stuart Gibbs, December 13th, 2015
Percival Everett, December 12th, 2015
Roy Choi, December 10th, 2015
Mike Bender, December 9th, 2015
Patricia Lombard, December 8th, 2015
Suzanne Muchnic, December 7th, 2015
Charlotte Huang, Mary McCoy, Michelle Levy, Kathy Kottaras and Nicola Yoon, December 5th, 2015
Jerry Stahl, J. Ryan Stradal, Pam Ward and Stephanie Barbe Hammer, December 3rd, 2015
Leslie Margolis, Charlotte Huang, Holly Goldberg Sloan, and Carole Koneff, November 28th, 2015
Derek Haas, November 19th, 2015
Colleen Hoover, November 17th, 2015
Diana Nyad, November 15th, 2015
Jeff Hobbs, November 11th, 2015
Mitchell Anderson, November 9th, 2015
Chloe Goodchild, November 7th, 2015
Tanwi Islam, D’Lo, and Laila Lalami, November 6th, 2015
Amy Uyematsu, Wendy Ortiz, Steve Abee, and Marci Vogel, November 5th, 2015
David Ulin and Marisa Silver, November 4th, 2015
Michael Alexander Gould-Wartofsky and Aaron Carretti, November 3rd, 2015
Garth Davis, M.D., November 2nd, 2015
Glenn Benest and Dale Pitman, October 29th, 2015
John Freeman and Daniel Galera, October 26th, 2015
Bill Dedman and Paul Clark Newell, October 25th, 2015
Iris Berry and Punk Hostage Press, October 24th, 2015
Danny Baker Holly Prado, Harry Northup, Richard Modiano, Annette Cruz, Rick Lupert, Michael C Ford, Jerry Garcia, Kari Hawkey, and Jack Grapes, October 15th, 2015
Elijah Wald and Darryl Holter, October 14th, 2015
Patrick O’Neil, Rich Ferguson, Amelia Gray, and Dudley Saunders, October 8th, 2015
Katherine Woodward Thomas, October 7th, 2015
Josh Kun and Bricia Lopez, October 1st, 2015
Steve DeAngelo, September 30th, 2015
Geoff Shepard, September 29th, 2015
Tom Rosten, September 27th, 2015
Erica Jong, September 25th, 2015
Stephanie Arnold, September 24th, 2015
Steph Cha, Elizabeth Little, Lisa Brackmann, September 17th, 2015
Allie Cashel, September 16th, 2015
Greg Anton in conversation with David Kukoff and Linda Kelly, September 12th, 2015
Chiwan Choi, F. Douglas Brown, Jessica Ceballos, Rachel McLeod Kaminer, September 10th, 2015
Corie Brown, September 9th, 2015
Joe Domanick in conversation with Richard Drooyan, September 3rd, 2015
Tom’s LARB Book Club Featuring Viet Thanh Nguyen, August 29th, 2015
Heidi Morell, August 25th, 2015
Jessica Fechtor, August 23rd, 2015
Michael Hiltzick, August 20th, 2015
Heidi Duckler, August 14th, 2015
Christos Gage, August 13th, 2015
CLS Ferguson, Peggy Dobreer, Kita Shantiris (Curry) and Milo Martin, August 6th, 2015
Hilary Liftin, July 30th, 2015
Stuart Gibbs and Leslie Margolis, July 26th, 2015
Darryl Holter, July 21st, 2015
Deborah Reed, July 19th, 2015
Allan MacDonell, Iris Berry, Bryan Ray Turcotte, Douglas Woods and Joe Donnelly, July 17th, 2015
Meghan Duam, July 16th, 2015
Dr. Paul Steinberg, July 15th, 2015
Gerald Locklin, Heather Woodbury and Alexis Fancher, July 15th, 2015
Roxane Gay and Terry McMillan, July 12th, 2015
James Ellroy, July 9th, 2015
Josh Weltman, July 2nd, 2015
Abbi Glines, June 27th, 2015
Mark Essig, June 17th, 2015
Robert Rotstein, June 16th, 2015
Jill Sobule, Wayne Kramer and Michael Tolkin, June 10th, 2015
Ben Loory, Isabel Quintero and Mary Woronov, June 4th, 2015
LARB Spring Quaterly, June 1st, 2015
Richard Reeves, Judge A Wallace Tashima and Carolyn Kubota, May 21st, 2015
Leila Howland, May 17th, 2015
Nicelle Davis, Luis J. Rodriguez and Suzanne Lummis, May 7th, 2015
April Dammann, April 29th, 2015
Lisa Freeman, April 25th, 2015
Julia Holter, April 24th, 2015
Cynthia Bond and the Blackbird Collective, April 23rd, 2015
Stephanie Hammer, April 19th, 2015
Arnold Schwartzman, April 19th, 2015
Lucy Dahl, June 14th, 2015
Bob Morris, June 13th, 2015
Kelly Link, April 18th, 2015
T.C. Boyle, April 14th, 2015
Dr. Rita Eichenstein, April 12th, 2015
Hilary Klein, April 11th, 2015
Scott Timberg, David Ulin, Lynell George and Joe Donnelly, April 9th, 2015
Lisa See, March 11th, 2015
Jill Leovy and Austin Beutner, March 10th, 2015
John Dean, March 8th, 2015
Norman Lear, February 26th, 2015
LeVar Burton, December 21st, 2014
Jim McHugh, December 20th, 2014
Peter Yarrow, December 14th, 2014
Mark A Vieira and Cecilia de Mille Presley, December 10th, 2014
Diane Vallere and Sybil Johnson, November 23rd, 2014
Richard J Riordan, November 22nd, 2014
Charles Salzberg, November 16th, 2014
Melanie Rothschild, November 15th, 2014